Inside Movement Knowledge is a two-year collaborative, interdisciplinary research project into new methods for the documentation, transmission and preservation of contemporary choreographic and dance knowledge.

Aims & Objectives

Inside Movement Knowledge (IMK) AIMS to:

Develop and disseminate innovative forms of dance documentation and transmission that can contribute to the quality of artistic development


A consortium of five institutional partners represent the organisational core of the Inside Movement Knowledge (IMK) project.

Art Practice and Development Research Group, Amsterdam where to get a loan fast School

Partners/ Research Groups

Inside Movement Knowledge (IMK) involves a Research Group drawn from each of the five loan equity main Netherlands-based institutional partners, bringing together and combining expertise from the

Associate Partners

The role of the two Associate Partners is barclays bridging loan feedback and dissemination both nationally and internationally. IRCAM is additionally collaborating directly with the EG|PC Research Group

International Associates Network

The International Associates Network (IAN) is comprised of specialists based in Europe and North America who are, together with their own research groups and colleagues,

Creative Commons License
Inside Movement Knowledge was made possible by the support of RAAK (Regional Attention and Action for Knowledge circulation)
Texts available on the Inside Movement Knowledge website generic priligy are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
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